・問題集:TOEICL&R テスト プライム模試 400問 TEST1
(ミス番号:13, 29, 47, 53, 60, 66, 67, 71, 72, 76, 80, 84, 88, 90, 91, 93, 98)


・But-you should probably a(sk)-someone at the main desk in the lobby.

・Didn’t Mr.Stanley get a copy of the lease agreement yesterday?
・Why do we need new photographs for the brochure?
・Will you be done with the sales report by this Friday.

・I would like you to go this year.
・Is there any other way for me to do that?
・He was only hired at the beginning of June.
・The New City Symphony was formed to give local city residents a chance to learn about and play music.
・we make an effort to give everyone a chance to attend.
・we have been able to expand our sales in many cities throughout the country.
・Due to the overwhelming popularity of the comedy screenwriting workshop, ~
・If for some reason a card will not unlock a door, ~
・You can see on your programs that this morning we will be having one of the top chefs in Italy, ~ , explain the essentials of Italian cooking.
・So we’re sure to have a taste of authentic Italian dishes today.
・I’d like you to tell me whether you feel like we’ve made enough progress on the project thus far to be able to complete it ahead of schedule.
・On behalf of the ~
・Now more than ever, the work that our foundation does to clean and restore natural habitats is desperately needed.
・as well as the tow. authors who placed above you and the one just below you.


「give O O」のようなSVOOの形をしている表現に対して苦手意識を抽出できました。

また、先日抽出した「would like 人 to do」の形もまだまだ克服できていないことがわかります。